Everyone should be guaranteed with freedom of choice, pursue a profession and choose a place of work.

The Constitution of the Republic of Poland, 02.04.1997 (Dz.U. nr 78, poz. 483).

Work 4 Life Foundation

Our mission is to spread the idea of socially responsible business, as we believe that it is possible to achieve financial goals and create places for work and development for people with disabilities.

The goal of the Foundation is to make people independent and improve the quality of life of people at risk of social exclusion through integrated activities and changing the attitudes of the environment.

We connect employees with employers. We know very well how people with disabilities can be valuable employees, who are not only highly motivated in everyday professional challenges, but are also well educated and have necessary qualifications and skills. Our task is to distinguish these features for potential employers.

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What problems are we solving?

Social responsibility and business

According to experts, the improvement of disabled people on the labour market can only be achieved by correlating several important factors. One of them is changing the attitude of the employers themselves.

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We support the development of professional qualifications of people at risk of social exclusion

Are you running your own company or maybe you are a freelancer? Share your knowledge and help with us to broaden qualifications of our mentees. Check what we can do together and introduce us to your company.

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