For Mentees

Are you looking for a job?

You have come to the right place! At the Work 4 Life Foundation, we connect employees with employers.

We know that people with disabilities can be valuable employees, who are not only highly motivated in everyday professional challenges, but are also well educated and have necessary qualifications and skills. Our task is to distinguish these features for potential employers.

How do we work?

Analysis of your CV

We help you to find your strengths, improve your CV and define your career path.

Building up qualifications

We organize the necessary training and internships to improve your competence.

Employer's offer

We recommend you to potential employers, highlighting your skills.

What do we believe in

We are convinced that it is possible to reconcile business with a social friendly organisation. At the same time, we disagree with common promotion of hiring people with disabilities to get grants, exemption from fees or different benefits.

We believe that with solid work and high qualifications, we can refute all myths among employers and challenge false arguments, which are often the reason why a candidate is rejected for a job due to his or her health condition.

Do you want to join us? Become a volunteer!