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By supporting our mentees, we work on the development of their professional qualifications useful in the broadly understood Internet / website service, running social media, servicing websites in terms of SEO, writing posts and articles, conducting marketing campaigns and programming work from basic applications to building websites.

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First, you risk NOTHING. We support you with searching for the perfect candidate for a vacancy. We reach a wide range of specialists, increasing the chances of finding the best candidate for you.

Why is it worth hiring our mentee?

You actively participate in reducing social inequalities. You create a diverse team at work, which boosts the creativity of your employees. You improve the company's image as a socially responsible business.

Our mission

We are convinced that it is possible to reconcile business with a social friendly organisation. At the same time, we disagree with common promotion of hiring people with disabilities to get grants, exemption from fees or different benefits.

We believe that with solid work and high qualifications, we can refute all myths among employers and challenge false arguments, which are often the reason why a candidate is rejected for a job due to his or her health condition.

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