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The Work 4 Life Foundation supports improvement of living standards and independence of people at risk of social exclusion through integrated professional activities and changing attitudes of the environment.

We help our mentees gain the necessary experience and knowledge not only through practical internships, but also by organizing various courses and training.

What problems are we solving?

According to experts, the improvement of disabled people on the labour market can only be achieved by correlating several important factors. One of them is changing the attitude of the employers themselves.

71 percent of HR specialists admit that the health condition often might be the reason to reject job applicants. We observe a lack of understanding on the part of employers, both at the level of micro and small companies, as well as larger enterprises. There are certain stereotypes that such people will be on sick leave all the time, therefore they will not be involved in the work of the team, or such employees will be ineffective and will cause conflicts.

(source: Arkadiusz Pączka, deputy director, Employers of the Republic of Poland Organization).

We connect employees with employers

We know very well that people with disabilities can be valuable employees, who are not only highly motivated in everyday professional challenges, but are also well educated and have necessary qualifications and skills. Our task is to distinguish these features for potential employers. At the same time, we debunk all myths among employers and we question false arguments, which are often the reasons why a candidate is rejected due to their health condition.

Our projects

Our media company supports the Foundation's tasks. We operate like any other business and financial goals are an integral part of the project assumptions. However, we are convinced that it is possible for you to combine business and a social friendly organization.

Web Magazyn

Webmagazyn.pl includes on its page the most important information from the business world. We help to understand all the processes and ruling mechanisms of today’s financial market and current economic trends.

Format Sportowy

We look at sport from a slightly different angle, which is why we carefully select the topics. We are excited about events on tennis courts, race and athletics tracks, which we write about in Format Sportowy.

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