Business partner

The Work 4 Life Foundation supports people with physical disabilities in activation on the labour market.

In short, we want to connect employees with employers. The Foundation helps to gain essential experience and knowledge through courses and apprenticeships.

We are looking for business partners for permanent cooperation, who want to join us and support the Foundation in educational activities. We work with specialists in their fields, who share their knowledge and skills with our mentees in any form possible - from writing articles and instructions to video recording of training sessions. 

By supporting our mentees, we work on the development of their professional qualifications useful in a broad range of Internet services:

  • service of web portals,
  • running channels in social media,
  • operating pages within SEO (search engine optimization),
  • writing posts and articles,
  • conducting marketing campaigns,
  • programming from basic applications to building websites.


What kind of support are we looking for?

  • Analysis of the skills and experience, preparation of a new CV and cover letter,
  • Building a plan for training and ways to acquire new skills,
  • Courses in copywriting, creating SEO texts,
  • Courses in the use of websites in WordPress and other popular CMS,
  • Courses in running social media channels and managing marketing campaigns,
  • Courses in the use of software, e.g. for graphics editing, design, etc.,
  • Preparation for a job interview

How can YOU help?

Show us in your company. Even a small effort might be a huge support for us.

Are you running your own company or maybe you work as a freelancer? 

Share your knowledge and help us expand the qualifications of our mentees.

Join us!

If the idea of socially responsible business is as important to your company as it is to us. Join the Foundation and become our partner.