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One of the main goals of the Work 4 Life Foundation is to support our charges in the development of their professional qualifications, in gaining the necessary experience and, most importantly – in finding a satisfying job. In a nutshell, we connect employees with employers. We invite you to read a brief account of how we operate, help the employer to find a valuable employee and contribute to reduce social inequalities.

The author of the following post is Cezary Górzyński, co-founder and CEO of Flexhouse. It was he one of our first partners, who decided to hire our ward. For our part, many thanks for the recommendation and congratulations on your transition to the light side of the force.

The Foundation gave me the opportunity to fulfil my dream of supporting people with disabilities in the business because I never had time to explore this topic, so Bartek and Bożena from Work 4 Life were a godsend with their offer to cooperate. After a joined discussion and presentation of the details of the required experience on various positions in our company, it quickly turned out that our design department is the ideal place for a potential employee who is a disabled person.

The Foundation found a person who was technically educated and took the Autocad EU drawing course. We followed the program which allowed us to employ for a trial period of 3 months. During this time we started to train one man with a severe disability.

Training, though sounds like a challenge, it wasn’t. It was all about our attitude and the person who makes the effort. We have provided internet access to the professional Top solid program, in which our company designs interior design elements. The program itself, but the internet also, is full of good tutorials. With the e-mail and telephone support of a manager who administers the technical design part in my business, after three months it turned out that we have a well-prepared draftsman who develops and gives us quick support in less complex drawings. A decision was made to continue the cooperation. We have signed a full-time employment contract and we have a technical documentation draftsman with a high degree of disability.

As our company grows, I plan to expand this type of employment, as it gives a window to the world and new perspectives, belonging to a wheelchair-bound person, or even worse, a bed, and I have a feeling of doing something good for the world around me.

To sum up, I recommend to try to take advantage of the Foundation’s offer, perhaps you will find a person who is waiting for an interesting opportunity and will join the group of your employees with a great heart and commitment. It does not take much for a momentary smile to appear on a human face, and such action affects its permanent presence on the faces of people who find themselves at the turn of their lives. Our actions define our personality, so I encourage personal development, entering a higher level of social responsibility and acting for the benefit of the growing ethics of business and life in Poland. This is the direction of the boat I sail across international business waters with my fantastic crew. I wish good winds to all entrepreneurs, employees and people with big hearts and open minds, who create foundations and other organizations supporting our world, such as Bożena Sabak and Bartek Popko.

Author: Cezary Górzyński, Flexhouse
Translated by: Magdalena Antonik

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